Be Excellent to Each Other.

If you need clarification on that, here are some helpful tips;


Take "no" gracefully.

You’re an awesome, unique, wonderful human being. Somewhere out there, people value you exactly for who you are. If somebody tells you no, whether for a dance, a touch, or a conversation, they’re doing you a favor in helping you find your people. Thank them and move on. Life is too short to spend energy on people who aren’t excited to have you around.

Please use a combination of words and body language to determine consent with others, and err on the side of restraint. Don't take action and "hope for the best".

Everyone is uniquely awesome. Help them feel welcome.

You will run across people who look different, think differently, or dance differently than you. That’s awesome. Notice how you’re different, and see if you can learn something from them.

Let's all be friends here. 

We love people who love micro, which means we love you!  You are welcomed to this event as a beloved friend, and we expect you to treat our other beloved friends equally well.

"Fuck YES" or "NO"


We encourage you to try new things and dance with new people at BAmF!  

We think that dances and conversations are more fun with people who are excited to share them with us.  If somebody offers you something you don’t excitedly say “fuck yes!” to, say “no,” so they can find someone who *is* excited about it!

Dance Etiquette

  • When you ask people to dance, actually ask. Use words and allow them a chance to say “no.”

  • Don’t give people advice unless they ask for it.

  • Be cautious with lifts, dips, and forceful moves.

  • Be aware of other people nearby.

  • Ask if you’re unsure.

  • If someone is hurting you, please say something!

Greivance Policy


If you feel uncomfortable for any reason or have thoughts/concerns/feedback, find an organizer.

We take your concerns seriously, and we will act on them. All complaints are recorded and archived. When presented with an issue, BAmF organizer crew will do one of two things;

  • Talk to the person about their behavior, make it clear what’s unacceptable, and suggest changes.

  • Eject the person from part or all of BAmF.

Photos and Video

**UPDATED June 25, 2019

This year we will have our photographers/videographers in the main room (Savanna), during times when there is a second room available for dancing. If you do not want to be photographed, please dance in the second room. We will not be making announcements about when they’re shooting. We may turn on extra lighting for them.

We found that our "no photo" wristbands were very difficult for our photographers to distinguish from our regular attendance wristbands in the dim light. And both wrists are rarely visible in post editing.

If you want to personally take photos, you can in the main room. If someone asks you to delete a photo, do it. Make sure you give people space to dance while you’re taking photos.

If we post any photos of you that you'd like to be deleted, notify us and we'll immediately take them down. 

BAmF/Athletic Playground Waiver Text

Any questions, incidents, or concerns about the BAmF Code of Conduct can be brought to organizers or volunteers.

Organizers and key volunteers will wearing lit-up LED wristbands for easy identification.