*Friday night only Pre-Dance @ Athletic Playground*

Austin & Erin 8:00-9:00pm Intro to Micro Lesson



Workshops are at Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland CA 94609.
These classes are not divided by dance skill, so auditioning or self leveling is not a part of BAmF.


Ben & Rachel SAT 11:30-12:30 In the Beginning:
Experience the class that launched a thousand micros. Nationally premiered at the Houston Fusion Exchange, this class set the foundation for microdancing. Start with a warm hug and layer on one small movement at a time until you are weight shifting into oblivion.

Mark & Kelly SAT 11:30-12:30 Steppps? In Micro???:
Harness the power of intentional, subtle weight changes and yes, even steps, in your micro dancing.

Ben & Rachel SAT 12:45-1:45 Lagging and Lollygagging:
Lag is one of our favorite things to play with and it’s a key component of what makes blues *blues*. You can use it in micro for interesting rhythmic and timing syncopations, to create stretch and compression in the partnership, and to encourage play. We’ll look at how to create more lag in your own body, as well as between partners, to make your dancing look and feel more dynamic.

Mark & Kelly SAT 12:45-1:45 Micro Dancing 101:
Fundamentals What is micro dancing? What is this weekend all about? Start here if you don’t know where to start.

SAT 1:45-3:15<<Break>> Open Practice

Ben & Rachel SAT 3:15 -4:15 Embraceable You:
If a good hug can make up for a lousy day, imagine what a great embrace can do for you! Great micro dancing requires a mastery of close embrace. In this class we'll explore the mechanics of the body with elements like spinal wrapping, rolling through the connection, and on-axis rotations to unlock the perfect close embrace.

Mark & Kelly SAT 3:15-4:15 Opposing Forces in Music:
All-levels / musicality Have you experienced dance moments when you feel you could go in two opposing directions regarding tone, intensity and expression? Has this sometimes been in direct conflict with your partner’s dance expression? We’ll be exploring the options we have within our dance to express overlapping high and low intensities during the same song samples.

Ben & Rachel SAT 4:30-5:30 Would You Like to… The way in which a dance is initiated sets the tone for its duration. Take your dances beyond a basic initiation and string of loosely related moves. Learn how to create context for a dance and then how to intentionally construct a vignette on the floor with your partner.

Mark & Kelly SAT 4:30-5:30 Dramatic Micro Moves:
Who says you can’t have dramatic moves within micro dancing? We will explore how we can add micro elements to frame the start and end of macro moves.


Ben & Rachel SUN 11:30-12:30 3-2-1 Contact:
Explore the new worlds of partner contact points beyond the known embrace universe. Learn to initiate and follow movement from non-standard points of contact to instantly expand the variations in your partner dancing.

Telind & Karen SUN 11:30-12:30 Micro for Every Body:
Bodies! We all have them, they're all different, and they're an awesome source of dance inspiration. In this class, we'll learn how to really experience what it's like to live in someone else's body, and how you can use that to have incredible dances with every person. We'll also talk about injuries, differences in skeletal structure and awareness, and some great micro vocab that looks good on just about everyone.

Ben & Rachel SUN 12:45-1:45 Mind-Meld Micro:
Have you ever had one of those magical moments in a dance where you weren’t sure whose idea something was? We want to make that happen more often. This class will turn up the volume on your listening while turning down the size of your movements.

Matt & Karen SUN 12:45-1:45 Textures/Layering in Micro:
You already know how to dance basic micro. This class is for layering ways to dance micro- smooth vs rough, soft vs jagged, minimal vs maximal, small vs large, and how to use their juxtaposition to create the arc of a dance. In this class, we'll work on all the layers, from partnership to personal rhythms to the tiniest details of facial expression and breath.

SUN 1:45-3:15<<Break>> Open Practice

Ben & Rachel SUN 3:15-4:15 When I Say Call, You Say Response:
Call and response is a great tool to inject more creativity, appreciation, and play into your partner dance. Trading back and forth with phrases or within phrases is a great way to spice up your micro dancing. You’ll learn techniques to insert call and response into your partnering with musicality and clarity.

Ben & Rachel Micro: Sun Getting Janky With It (good for int/adv):
Syncopation in music is the placement of rhythmic stresses or accents where they wouldn't normally occur. We'll play with syncopation in our bodies by changing the typical rhythm of specific blues movements. You'll learn how to add texture and drama to your movements to make them more dynamic

Erin & Austin SUN 3:15-4:15 Switch Micro- Why not Both?
Lead, Follow, or something in between? We're breaking out of the binary lead and follow roles with this one. Go from passing the "lead" and "follow" back and forth to one another to sharing aspects of both roles throughout the dance. If you find yourself leading a little while also following and following a little while also leading, then you're probably doing it right and hopefully having fun in the process.

Ben & Rachel SUN 4:30-5:30 A Little Bit Louder Now:
Learn how to use volume in dancing: both in modulating energy and modulating space. Be big in small spaces to contrast all that other melty you’re doing. Make the small even more exciting. Warning: physics references and puns ahead.

Reeva Bradley SUN 4:30-5:30 EmoMicro:
In this class we’ll explore our emotional experiences in our interpretation of the music, then find ways to bring those experiences into a micro context, creating emotional conversation with a partner.