2018 DJ Lineup


A'lan Abruzzo

A'lan loves dancing. A'lan loves music. He considers DJing for fusion such a privilege, joy and self expression. His fusion DJ acumen originated from his early training at blues venues and grew as he became the first music coordinator at Shades of Blues in San Francisco. He broke onto the national fusion scene at the Portland Fusion Exchange and since then he's played at SDFX, LVFX, SFFX, DFX, SFFX, MFX, Urban Recess, Seattle Fusion Festival, Albuquerque Fusion Experiment, City in Motion, Emerald City Blues, Mile High Blues, and BAmF 2016 &2017. He's looking forward to sharing his sounds with you … and please ask him to dance! 

Philip Bell.jpg

Philip Bell

Every set list tells a story, and Philip hopes at least one of the songs you hear from him captures your imagination. He is forever hunting for songs that sound like old favorites the first time you hear them. There's no song too old or too new to dance to. You may remember him from Big Bad Blues, Firehouse and First Saturday Swing blues rooms, Denver Fusion Exchange, Blues Liberation Front, Angel City Fusion, LA Fusion, and City In Motion.


Telind Bench

Telind started DJing “blues” in 2010 and never looked back. Since then, he’s become an accomplished (actual) blues and fusion DJ, playing at weekly venues, exchanges, art cars, house parties, gazebos, and even a tiny Puerto Rican hilltop bar. His sets can be heard up and down the West Coast, and increasingly further afield. If it has speakers, he has a track for it. His current musical loves include electrofunk and dub.


River Bradley

River’s enthusiasm for amazing music shows through every song they play. They DJ in conversation with the dancers in the room, creating dynamic sets that infuse the dance floor with energy. You can dance to their sets in their home base of San Francisco, and wherever they travel. They’ve DJed at national and international events, such as European Blues Invasion, Bluesquake, Seattle Fusion Festival, and BAmF 2016 & 2017.

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Brian Holliday

Brian discovered dancing in 2009 and began djing on his very first dancivesary. Brian discovered that having the right music playing at the right time is not just a task for the dance venue. Whatever the occasion, be it on beach, on a road trip, or coding at a desk having the best music playing for the mood is a daily pursuit. Brian also produces his own music so you might hear an original tune or two from him. Also, he has a beard.


Kelly Howard

Kelly Howard loves to DJ almost as much as she loves to dance. DJing for a micro dance weekend is a dream come true. Anticipate electric chills, deep base, ethereal melodies, and cathartic flows.


Angie Huang

Angie hits a button and music plays – honey beats, sweet rhythms, weaving harmonies flow out to fill your cup with liquid sound. From the woods to wooden floors, she’s been playing for dancers all over at Recess productions, the event acronym menagerie (CIM, PUX, SFF, MFX, BAmF, MHB), and your local house party. Angie has been doing this DJ thing since 2009, and she’s stoked to return to BAmF. Let’s play.

©  Nathan Cordova Studios

©  Nathan Cordova Studios

Matthew Matsunami

Upon stumbling upon fusion dance Matthew immediately fell in love with the improvisational freedom available within it. His goal as a DJ is to bring emotionally evocative music to dancers and empower them to have whimsical, funky, and awe-inspiring dance conversations.

Andrea Santa Maria.jpg

Andrea Santa Maria

DJ Wombat has been doing this for longer than she cares to admit. She started dancing micro in Portland in 2005 and never wants to do anything else ever. She has had the privilege of living, dancing, and DJing all over the best coast, including the Bay Area, Portland, and currently Seattle.

IMG_2587 - antsciscio@sbcglobal.net.JPG

Tony Sciscio

Tony dove into the deep abyss of this world they call Fusion back in 2012. It now has a firm grasp on his soul, and he has Chosen not to search for escape. He now travels between Sacramento and The Bay Area far too often in attempts to merge the dance communities (aka The Tony Express?), satisfy his cravings, and create one ginormous Fusion Family. If there is dance floor present, expect at least part of Tony’s body to be on it. If he is spinning, expect to see him chained to the DJ booth, itching for your feels. If you hear strange sounds, there's a solid chance it will be coming from him...

Music at BAmF

BAmF is, above all, a great experiment. Micro (like fusion in general) is an evolving dance style, where music and movement vocabulary are growing and changing together.

Micro music spans a variety of genres, from downtempo trip-hop to delta blues and high-energy, glitchy EDM. Good micro tracks generally evoke emptiness and stillness, have precise beats, and are emotionally evocative, but there are exceptions to all of those rules. Since this is a micro-focused event, we’re encouraging our DJs to explore what that means, musically.

We're super excited about our 2018 DJ Lineup!

Check back soon for Instructor information and class descriptions. THEY'RE AMAZING! Confirming and will be up shortly.

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