A'lan Abruzzo

A'lan loves dancing. A'lan loves music. He considers DJing for fusion such a privilege, joy and self expression. His fusion DJ acumen originated from his early training at blues venues and grew as he became the first music coordinator at Shades of Blues in San Francisco. He broke onto the national fusion scene at the Portland Fusion Exchange and since then he's played at SDFX, LVFX, SFFX, DFX, SFFX, MFX, Urban Recess, Seattle Fusion Festival, Albuquerque Fusion Experiment, City in Motion, Emerald City Blues, Mile High Blues, and BAmF 2016. He's looking forward to sharing his sounds with you … and please ask him to dance!

Telind - DJ.jpg

Telind Bench

Telind started DJing “blues” in 2010 and never looked back. Since then, he’s become an accomplished (actual) blues and fusion DJ, playing at weekly venues, exchanges, art cars, house parties, gazebos, and even a tiny Puerto Rican hilltop bar. His sets can be heard up and down the West Coast, and increasingly further afield. If it has speakers, he has a track for it. His current musical loves include electrofunk and dub.


Reeva Bradley

Reeva’s enthusiasm for amazing music shows through every song they play. They DJ in conversation with the dancers in the room, creating dynamic sets that infuse the dance floor with energy. You can dance to their sets in their home base of San Francisco, and wherever they travel. They’ve DJed at national and international events, such as European Blues Invasion, Bluesquake, Seattle Fusion Festival, and BAmF 2016.


Mark Carpenter

Once hailing from California, Mark has been traveling the world for the last five years, dancing and playing music for dancers wherever he goes. DJing since 2009, he has since played at events and venues including at xFX, RCB, MFX, DJX, SFF. He is constantly seeking to refine his eclectic style and evolving taste and is excited to explore the range of “micro fusion” music with you here at BAmF.

Savannah Rose Crespo.jpg

Savannah Rose Crespo

The seed of Savannah Rose Crespo's journey as a fusion DJ was planted while dancing at a Recess hidden deep in the forests of the French Alps three summers ago. In the seasons since, they have DJ'd extensively in various corners of the world and have cultivated a keen ear, eye, and heart to read a room. It was during these travels that Savannah Rose first found and fell in love with micro dancing and the music that inspires it. Their DJing reflects a continuous commitment in offering music with a diversity of rhythms and textures and creating soundscapes in which dancers can connect with themselves and each other through both breath and heartbeat.


Tory Gobat

Tory's dance history began in Philadelphia, weaving from Latin to lindy, blues to west coast swing, and finally finding fusion at DJ Experiment.  At the encouragement of the organizers she began DJing at the local dances, and has since had the honor of playing sets at two Fusion Exchanges and several other weekend fusion events, as well as house parties in DC while living there.  Since moving to Seattle last summer, Tory has been thoroughly enjoying DJing regularly at the local fusion and micro fusion dances, and recently at the first micro-focused Mist Connections weekend.  She loves soft electronica, sexy tunes, powerful emotions in vocals, and minimal acoustic - to name a few.


Kelly Howard

Kelly Howard loves to DJ almost as much as she loves to dance. DJing for a micro dance weekend is a dream come true. Anticipate electric chills, deep base, ethereal melodies, and cathartic flows.


Angie Huang

Angie hits a button and music plays – honey beats, sweet rhythms, weaving harmonies flow out to fill your cup with liquid sound. From the woods to wooden floors, she’s been playing for dancers all over at Recess productions, the event acronym menagerie (CIM, PUX, SFF, MFX, BAmF, MHB), and your local house party. Angie has been doing this DJ thing since 2009, and she’s stoked to return to BAmF. Let’s play.


Ryan Johnson

Trained saxophonist, band leader, music (and dance!) teacher--Ryan was pretty much born to DJ for dancers. When he’s spinning tunes, it’s like he’s dancing with everyone at once; for Ryan, it’s the ultimate, euphoric experience of the DJ. His sets take listeners on a journey, each set its own distinct, memorable experience. Be prepared for a roller-coaster of energy, excitement, and emotion when he’s behind the DJ booth.


Jakob Sumearll

Jakob used to travel and dance a lot. This has been somewhat impeded by a pursuit towards a Master’s degree… (though he has abandoned post to join y’all for a lovely escape at BAmF!) Trained as a blues dancer, but molded by a dash too much of glitchy-wubby- heartfelt-vocal goodness, Jakob lost himself in Fusion and Micro. DJing is simply an extension of this passion. His nightly goal is to set the canvas for which the dancers paint their experience, whether they be dancing or holding conversations off to the side. You may see him walking the room, scanning the crowd, or dancing to whatever may be up next; he’s got you, and the room, in mind.

BAmF is, above all, a great experiment. Micro (like fusion in general) is an evolving dance style, where music and movement vocabulary are growing and changing together.

Micro music spans a variety of genres, from downtempo trip-hop to delta blues and high-energy, glitchy EDM. Good micro tracks generally evoke emptiness and stillness, have precise beats, and are emotionally evocative, but there are exceptions to all of those rules. Since this is the first micro-focused event, we’re encouraging our DJs to explore what that means, musically.

We love micro, and we recognize that having only tiny dances for a whole weekend might be a little much. At BAmF, more than half of the music will be picked to encourage micro, and expect to also have big dances to your favorite fusion standards. We will be specifically reminding our DJs to vary both the energy level and musical style throughout each set.


We're super excited about our 2017 DJ Lineup!

If you're interested in DJing for us next year, contact Telind Bench at in January 2018!