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Saturday & Sunday

2 days, 2 rooms of classes at 4 times = 16 class options







All classes will be located @ Athletic Playground: 

4770 San Pablo Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608

Class Descriptions

Saturday 2:00 - 3:00

Micro 101

Mark Carpenter and Kelly Howard

What is micro dancing? What is this weekend all about? Start here regardless of how much micro experience you've had to get our take on what micro dancing is.

Saturday 2:00 - 3:00

Fast Frame Micro

Karen Lani


More than small and slow, Micro is great for dancing fast! When fast music comes on we tend to want to get big with it, but the smaller the movements the faster they can go. This class looks at some hallmarks of Micro; isolations and rhythms, how we communicate them, and then speeds them up! Micro doesn’t have to be slow and fast music doesn’t have to be big. Never miss a beat, and never leave leave your spot!

Saturday 3:15 - 4:15

Switching Conventions in Micro

Mark Carpenter and Kelly Howard

It turns out "switch dancing" means two different things in the fusion dancing world. Come learn the two different conventions by way of the specific mechanical differences of each as they relate to micro fusion. We'll take this heady concept rarely talked about and concretely break it down in ways you can immediately apply.

Saturday 3:15 - 4:15

Co-Creative Conversation

Wren LaFeet

Micro is a practice in presence and subtlety; an opportunity to listen deeply to another and engage in intimacy with sovereignty. It is a profound feeling dance ripe with potential for surprising oneself in the most exquisite ways.

Saturday 4:45 - 5:45

Cycling Sexual Energy within Dances

Wren LaFeet

Own your turn on and use it for good! We accept and recognize that dancing close with people holds the potential for turn on to occur. We embrace sexuality in all its forms as a part of our shared humanity. This class works intimately with breath, mindful awareness and action, and offers practices from Taoism to circulate turn on energy in the body to keep dances respectful, high vibe and sexy in a way that feels great to everyone. Whether you’re a new or seasoned dancer, this class has the potential to take your dancing (and your life) to incredible new highs.

Saturday 4:45 - 5:45

4-Sided Snugs & Hooks

Ali Woolwich

The Snug is like a good handshake or a good hug: it takes two people, a reciprocal/matched amount of pressure and open joint positioning. We will identify how to find better fit in Snugs with every partner through adjustments in neck/shoulder/spine/pelvis/leg posture, pressure and embrace. Since the torso has 4 surfaces (front, back and 2 sides), there are many combinations of Snugs that dance partners can move though in the course of one Micro dance. The choice and mechanics to shift between Snugs can be torso surface to surface Slides or Rolls, or using space between partners to create elastically rebounding and gliding Hooks in a teensy amount of space.

Saturday 6:00 - 7:00

How to Dance Micro to Anything

Telind Bench

Have you ever wished you could have more micro dances? Been bummed when you asked that cool person to dance and got a boring song? Frustrated that DJ didn't play enough micro last night? This one is for you. Learn a little bit of improv, some advanced musicality, and a bit of philosophy. By the time you leave, you'll be able to have awesome micro dances to everything from "Guilty Filthy Soul" to the hum of your fridge.

Saturday 6:00 - 7:00

#Wiggle: This is How We Roll

EV Erin Vance and Hareesh Kapoor

Just because we’re dancing slow, doesn’t mean we can’t do a little body rolling. Body rolls, isolations, accents, hip checks. Let’s dive into these, how to initiate, follow through, and communicate in our micro connection, while still making it an interesting dance

Saturday 7:30 - 9:00

Micro Forum

What is micro? 

What *is* micro, anyway? BAmF 2016 was the very first micro exchange, and started as an experiment based on our love of a particular type of dances. Three years later, there are micro events and workshops all over the world, and a growing body of dancers, music, and vernacular that evolves just a bit every time we gather. Against the exciting backdrop of a new dance style being born, we want to gather as a community and discuss the big ideas and questions around micro. Is micro different than fusion? Why are we doing this, anyway? Where are we going next?  
This will be a lightly-structured set of discussions, and opinions from dancers of all skill levels are welcome. Bring your confusion, your hopes, your big ideas, and most of all, an open mind.

Sunday 2:00 - 3:00

Chocolate Synesthesia

Jeannie Lin

Imagine a chocolate that is… velvety smooth with a lazy richness that rolls onto your tongue… or maybe one that is silky and delicately fragrant with a floral aftertaste… or perhaps it might be a chocolate that is tart and bittersweet, like a coffee at the end of the day. Chocolate is a wonderful food that happens to provide an endless array of textures, sweetnesses, and aromas. These exquisite flavors blossom seductively onto the tongue, creating a rich and varied experience for the lucky taster. In this class, we will be sampling chocolate slowly and deliciously, letting our tastebuds to help guide us into a state of focused awareness. How can we take that rich, tantalizing flavor and translate that into our bodies? Could we share that feeling with our dancing partner? Let’s explore the realm of where taste intersects movement, and play with the possibilities that unfold.

Sunday 2:00 - 3:00

Telling a Story with Micro

Caroline Wong & A'lan Abruzzo

Deep down we all want to be the dancer that everyone is delighted to dance with. But how often do we ask ourselves what make this possible? In this micro focused workshop, we will look at the key elements that build connection with self, facilitate communication and co-create a shared experience of a dance. We will start with activities that allow us to be more attuned to our senses, and from there, learn to build connections with our partner through storytelling. By breaking down each song into a story metaphor, we will learn how to make a powerful introduction, how to build energy and excitement, how to make a statement and then how to end each dance with grace. This is a storytelling workshop that uses playful non-traditional exercises and switch practices to evolve a grounded state regardless of the amount of experience we have as a dancer.

Sunday 3:15 - 4:15

Tiny Boxes: A Micro dance Creativity Workshop

A'lan Abruzzo


Boxes, boundaries, limits. Yes, this class is about boxing you in. But why? Isn’t fusion about letting it all go? Truth be told, creativity comes from doing the most with limited resources.
In this class, we are going to learn from our limitless creativity and unlock our dance potential by boxing in our movements. Within this series of exercises around of limits, you will have a vocabulary explosion! And these new movements will be yours to keep and play with outside of the box!
In each boxed challenge, the lead and follow will be assigned separate restrictions that shape their movement for an entire dance. Some of these challenges are complementary and others are designed to create tension. As each person tries to be true to their movement restrictions, unique dance situations will spontaneously arise requiring the development of new moves and stylizations.

Saturday 3:15 - 4:15

Rippling Reactions

Karen Lani


From a single drop comes many ripples, and a small touch can cause a big reaction. How will you respond? Will you allow the moment to pass? Go with the flow? Adapt and redirect? And as you react to each ripple you start a new one. We’ll start with expanding on points of inspiration and build to a cause and effect conversation where each action is a reaction. Listen and feel the ripples flow outwards ever expanding.

Sunday 4:45 - 5:45

Building Your Embrace From the Ground Up: Dancing Body Alignment

Emily Webb

Moving with grace and ease; Balance without effort; Creating soft yet sensitive connection with your partner --- It all starts with our feet and goes up from there. In this class we are going to look at body alignment and embrace literally from toe to head. You will build your base, realign your posture, and create an embrace to write home about. It’s time to let go of tension and open up more joy and freedom in your dancing body!

Sunday 4:45 - 5:45

Visualization and Path Tracing

Telind Bench

(Alternately Titled: How to learn hundreds of moves and endless styling in less than 60 minutes). This is a class about two ideas that changed my dancing forever. We'll learn visualization tools that will let us see what our dances look like from the outside, and use those to reveal a fascinating, little-known class of dance moves! These are things that I use in every single dance, and I'm so excited to share them with you.

Sunday 6:00 - 7:00

The Internal Art of Micro

Caroline Wong & Eric Jordan

Have you ever experienced a mind-blowingly amazing dance with someone who didn't seem to move much at all? How can they express so much feeling in such tiny movements? We believe some of that secrets are quality of presence and highly efficient movements, and in this class we will experiment with ways to cultivate those qualities. Come explore how it feels to be fully present and responsive to our inner and outer worlds through ancient arts like sensory meditation, qigong and breathwork, and learn to create stillness and movements that feels great to ourselves and our dance partners!

Sunday 6:00 - 7:00

Some Hip Hop with Your Micro?

Mark Sebastian

It's tough to define micro...the same has been true for hip hop. I'm not sure if hip hop has a place in micro but I'm happy to share some old school techniques and let people decide for themselves. Here are a few topics that might apply to both the individual and partner aspects of micro:

Isolations - Making sharable dance phrases out of simple movement.
Popping - Dime stops. Hard Hits. Shaky hits.
Waving - Concepts and techniques. Shared body waves are fun.
Locking - Might not apply at all but is loads of fun.
Solo Footwork - Simple old school footwork if we have time.